v1.5 Beta - Improved performance, bugfixes, macOS version

It's been a hot minute since I last updated this game.
But here are some nice tweaks that should help the game run smoother!

I've improved the object-pooling, fixed some animation issues, and changed the render pipeline over from built-in to URP.

Unfortunately, thanks to [current world situation] I've been unable to visit my home country for the past 2 years, making it difficult to playtest with larger groups of people. And though I'm confident in my own abilities to release a stable game, I'd rather label it as "beta" until I know for certain.

Speaking of not being able to test, I also made a macOS version available for those who are interested!
However, as I do not own any Apple devices, I can't test it. So if you run into ANY issues, please let me know and I will get to fixing them ASAP.

Now, it might seem a bit strange to suddenly add performance tweaks to a 2 year old game, BUT, that is for good reason.
I am planning on releasing some additional updates down the line in the form of new game modes! Of course, anyone who already owns Sheep with Mates will receive these updates for free!

Have fun playing!


sheep-with-mates-macos-64-beta.zip 55 MB
Version 1 Apr 03, 2022
sheep-with-mates-win-64-beta.zip 46 MB
Version 3 Apr 03, 2022
sheep-with-mates-win-32-beta.zip 43 MB
Version 3 Apr 03, 2022

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