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A 20-page book of new mechanics intended for use with Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition.


This book contains 3 new player classes that specialize in heavy combat.

The Axe Lord is a warrior that fights using rune-engraved axes, using them to channel his fury into powerful magic spells—a master at close-range combat, and excellent at taking on multiple foes at once.

The Slayer Lord is a hunter specialized in dealing massive damage to important targets. Their knowledge of both their weapons and their targets allows them to make precise strikes that instantly finish off weakened prey.

The Ironhand is a skilled artisan that met an unfortunate fate. They are daring fighters with nothing to lose, taking hits for their allies while inspiring them to fight on. Outside of combat they also provide a wide toolset that can tackle most challenges with ease.


In addition to the player classes, this book also contains the titular background of Reclaimer.

Reclaimers are specialist warriors sent out to reclaim fallen Dwarfholds from their occupiers. They are tasked with sabotaging or completely destroying whatever vile force has laid claim to their hard work.

Of course, this is a perilous task most would find foolish. Therefore reclaimers go through decades of intensive training of both body and mind in order to face whatever they might find.

Spells and Items

The Axe Lords have access to multiple new spells designed to support their ruthless fighting style. These spells are also accessible by various subclasses of the Artificer, Bard, Cleric, Paladin, Warlock, and Wizard.

The classes in this book are designed around a combat-heavy adventure that features skilled management of the players' resources. To add more options, you can use the provided potions.


For those that take great joy in deep character and world lore, this book also contains an offshoot of the Dwarvish language, complete with its own variation of the Dethek runic alphabet and a small dictionary of useful words.

As with all the rules in this game, decisions are made through agreements between players and their DM. The rules as written are merely there to facilitate storytelling and roleplaying.


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