You've found a locked safe, but opening it will be difficult.

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Made, FL Studio, Unity
Tags2D, Difficult, Experimental, secrets, Singleplayer, Touch-Friendly
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsMouse, Touchscreen
AccessibilityOne button


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Hi! Me again a year and a half later! Obviously The Lock occupies a large portion of my mind.

My friend and I have gotten to the seventh lock, the spinning dial. Could you give us one of your hints?

Our theory is that it involves the background music of the game in some way, but it doesn't seem to ever match the pace of the line, so it's really just a blind guess.

Heya! Good to see people are still attempting to crack the lock. I might have to make a second one to keep you all out!


The background music is a red herring!
Full rotations are the key! Don't be too hasty!

I am stuck on the second one.

There are tiny markings that can be found on the face of the lock. Those give you a hint for the puzzle you're currently facing.

For the second puzzle, the hint is a hexagon.

[Additional hint, don't look if you want to try and solve it] The solution can be found within the puzzle screen, but you might have to look a little closer somehow.


Please have mercy on me, Bas, and help me out with the first lock!

(Spoilers ahead!)

So, I figure it's that I need to convert some text string to hex and enter that in as the code. There's the little hexagon there and enough room for buttons A-F to be there. I just cannot for the life of me figure out what the "code" is.

Mercy, mercy!

So, I got a friend of mine on it and he brute forced the answer. We still don't know why the solution worked haha

Hey, as long as you get the lock open, right?

It's been a while since I last opened it myself, so my memory is a bit foggy.

Keep at it! There should be at least some sort of hint for every lock, so look REALLY closely!

If you're still stuck, I can give you a cryptic hint. ;)

Sidenote, I think I gave additional hints for every lock in the comments, so be sure to take a look at the information your peers gathered.


Спасибо за игру)

Hope you liked it!

Очень) Жалко, что мало уровней.


i am lost on level 6, since there's no discernable input i have no clue where to start (also level 5 was great)

You're a strong independent gamer who doesn't need any input methods!


I don't see a clue to the fifth level. At 150% magnification, the name of the game THE LOCK appears in a circle under the game. Does this matter for the code? The code consists of 10 letters. Is it one word or several words written together? Those who do not know English will probably not be able to open the fifth level? Can you tell me what to look for?

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The answer is in English, but the phrase is famous around the world. There is no space button, because a space button is not needed.

There are no clues for that lock, which is a clue in itself.

I realize that it might be a little more difficult for people who don't know English, but it should still be possible.

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 спасибо за ответ! скажите, что главное в коде 4- это симметрия? это время? это буквы?  

The answer is related to time, but not directly. The down pointing arrow is very important to the answer, but it isn't related to time.


в игре   смысл какой,  ели никто не  может ее пройти?  4 уровень- сделайте еще подсказку, потому  что  стрелка это недостаточно - слишком  многофункционально!

The words I use in my comments are carefully picked to act as hints and primers. I hope that they aren't lost to translation.

Now, now, if you already got to lock 4 there's no need to be so forceful.

I can tell you that the answer to this lock can not be found by simply staying within the game.

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Не получилось открыть четвертый уровень. Думала про часы, направление вниз,компас.Очень много вариантов. Можно уточнить из скольких чисел состоит этот код? Кнопка точка в коде нужна? Пожалуйста) Я пробовала семизначные значения.

Yes, the dot is required for the answer to lock 4. There are 7 characters in the answer, 6 of which are numbers.

Time is related to the answer, but only a little.

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Пожалуйста, дайте мне намек на четвертый уровень. Я вижу ключ IIIXIII и стрелку. Должно быть это связано с ЗАМКОМ. Еще появилась кнопка точка,она принимает участие в коде? На третий день подбора, вариантов ответа найти не удалось.


I had to use Google Translate to read your comment, so there might be some inaccuracies in the translation.

As you've noticed, IIIXIII is relevant to the third lock. Numbers are a common theme throughout all the locks. Symmetry is something important to that lock.

For the fourth lock, you seemed to have noticed the arrow. Don't think too complex, something general or standard might work better.

Hope this helps!


Is there meant to be more to this besides guessing? Sometimes games have hints or clues.


There are some very obscure hints if you look closely enough. But yeah, this game is meant to be very unfair.


Is there a difference here between "unfair" and "unfun"?  So we're confronted with a six-digit lock, with nothing to distinguish the numbers, no feedback other than a blank entry box if we guess how do you even proceed?

I wouldn't call it "unfun", since that really depends on the person. If you don't enjoy these types of challenges, this game will not be fun for you.

I will say, there are hints for every lock, but you will need to look closer to see them.

I don't fully agree with Tahnan "unfun". You put in some efforts. But I agree, there is no way you solve the 2nd lock with the hexagon will demotivates me very fast

I mean, I usually enjoy this type of challenge.  I'm just completely baffled by the six-digit PIN.  I can think of all kinds of ways there could be hints (the correct button is a different color; the correct button changes to a color other than black when you press it; the correct button makes a different sound when you press it; you take "THE LOCK" and type it in as a phone number, 8435625; you convert "THE LOCK" to alphanumerics as 20-8-5 12-15-3-11; you read the angles of the screws in the corners....), but none of them work.  How do you find a hint to move forward?

If you look closely, there is a small hexagon just above the input box. @De_inordinatio already found it, but doesn't seem to have figured out the answer yet either.

As you may imagine, I'm a bit hesitant to give any additional hints, since that would kind of go against the point of the game, but I'll try and nudge you in the right direction.

You are on the right path with converting things to numbers, but keep in mind that the answer is only 6 characters long.

(If you look closer at the input field you might even see the answer.)